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Despite LinkedIn being one of the most useful platforms for freelance writers, many people are overwhelmingly ambivalent about it.Mezco Living Dead Dolls mini 3 piece set PURE EVIL GOTHIC HORROR Every week I hear from writers who say they don’t have a LinkedIn profile, can’t see the point of having one, think the platform is daggy or are not sure how to present themselves on it. I’m here to tell you that if you are a METAL ROBOT soul Ka signature Mobile Suit Gundam sentinel [SIDE MS] Ex-S Gu (or want to be one), LinkedIn is one of the best tools around. It’s quick, free and best of all - it’s super effective.

With my background in social work, it probably won’t surprise you to know that I really admire publications and editors who strive to cover human rights, social justice and environmental issues. MEZCO NOTORIOUS BIG Biggie Smalls White Suit & bluee Suit SETMichelle Pini is the executive editor of Independent Australia (IA), an online publication that champions investigative journalism and promotes a diversity of voices. On a personal level, Michelle is generous, funny and open, and professionally she is an incisive, supportive and meticulous editor. I love that IA mentors new writers, so let’s meet Michelle.

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This month felt like a bit of an experiment. I barely pitched any articles, I went on two press trips and yet still somehow made my income target (just). I feel as though I’m in a liminal space, but I’m not sure what is ahead. All I know is that freelance writing allows you to be so flexible and nimble. It feels like only a few short months ago I decided to focus on travel writing, and here I am, at the end of the month, having travelled to India and writing this post from Canada. MEZCO One 12 Batman Sovereign Knight - Onyx Edition Exclusive Factory Sealed

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Mezco One 12 Collective PX Exclusive InvinciIble Iron Man Stealth Armor Suit USAWhat do you think of when someone says they are a travel writer? Jet-setting business class around the world to stay in luxurious hotels and eating feasts prepared by Michelin-stared chefs? I won’t lie; this is not unheard of, but more often than not, the life of a travel writer is much more complex than it appears.Mezco One 12 Dr Strange NYCC Exclusive SOLD OUT I know lots of you are travel writers or aspiring travel journalists, so I wanted to take you behind the scenes and give an insight into what it’s really like to be a travel writer and what you need to know to be successful.

The word ‘inspirational’ gets thrown around a lot in the disability space, but I have to say that freelance writer, blogger, editor and disability activist Julie Jones absolutely inspires me. I first met Julie on a famil in Thailand last year as part of the METALIONS GHOST Scorpio Aries Transformers Robot Figure Set Young Toysconference. Mezco One 12 PUNISHER Special Ops + BATMAN BEYOND SDCC 2018 Exclusive New SealedWe spent lots of time talking about the number of people who want to travel but can’t because of a multitude of barriers - societal, not their own. It’s not easy advocating for accessible travel in a space where travel writing is often portrayed as white sand, glimmering water and ten course degustations. But Julie’s blog and now, her new magazine, are breaking down some of those barriers.

A month or so ago when I asked what you wanted me to cover in upcoming blog posts, there was one question that kept coming up: Mezco Toys 1 12 Action Figure Green Lantern Hal Jordan Preview Exclusive Some of you were fed up with writing for small business (I hear you), some of you had had some interest from potential corporate clients and others just didn’t know where to begin. I am in no doubt that a lot of my financial success has come down to the fact that I have regular, high paying corporate work that comes to me. So let’s jump in.

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Helicopters. Stretch limos. Elaborate cheese boards that stretch across two tables. It’s fair to say that March has been quite the month.MEZCO TOYS ONE-12 COLLECTIVE PX exclusive IRON MAN STEALTH ARMOR SHIPPING NOW My income for March was pretty low compared to this time last year because I’ve been focusing on travel and travel writing, but that said, the non-financial perks of travel writing are pretty great. But while I had some incredible experiences this month, I also had some big lows.

Mezco Toyz 10 Living Dead Dolls Friday The 13th Part II New Figure DX Ver CAThis may seem a bit meta, but did you know there are loads of digital and print publications that are specifically geared towards readers who are journalists or freelance writers? They are usually wonderful reads and often these magazines and digital outlets are also looking for contributors. I’ve complied a list of 9 great publications throughout the world where you can write about writing.

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while you’ll know that 2017 and 2018 were huge years for me. I went full time as a freelance writer in 2017 and hit $100K worth of commissioned work by November.Mezco Toyz One 12 Collective Marvel Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk 1 12 Figure In 2018 I worked part time, but still managed to hit a similar income level ($120K). But despite having a couple of hugely successful years, this year I’ve decided to ease up a little.